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3D-printed perch At 188.2g (155mm width), it’s a little heavier than the standard S-Works Power (145g), but is still light. The S-Works Power with Mirror is a superb first attempt at the 3D-printed saddle concept by Specialized. Swacchi で、スペシャライズドの Digital Sit Bone Device のSADDLE FINDERを使用して、あなたの坐骨幅を測定します。 Mirrorテクノロジー採用のS-Works Powerサドルは、合わせ鏡のようにお尻の形状を完璧に再現します。 S-Works Power Mirror Saddle ride review This fancy tech sounds fabulous on paper, but you can never tell how a new saddle is going to ride until the first planting of one’s arse atop the saddle. Mirrorテクノロジー採用のスペシャライズド・S-Works Powerサドル「S-WORKS POWER WITH MIRROR(Sワークス パワーwithミラー)」。 Body Geometryデザインで20年以上学んだ経験を元に、ライダーのフィットに関して世界最大のデータベースを持つRetül(リトゥール)と協力して最先端素材を使ってイチから開発。 S-WORKS POWER WITH MIRROR SADDLE BLK 155(155mm ブラック)スペシャライズド公式オンラインストア。ロードバイク、MTB、クロスバイク、e-Bikeから、シューズ、ヘルメット、ライト、ジャージ、タイヤまで豊富にラインナップ Specialized S-Works 3D-Printed Power Mirror Saddle 1 min read Posted by Kevin Curry on August 27, 2019 Specialized is known for heavily investing in R&D, as such they’ve released a steady stream of innovative products over the years. Specialized's S-Works Power with Mirror saddle represents the complete antithesis of Fizik's Adaptive range and, while it utilises a black-on-black colour palette to … - Mirror technology utilizes 3D printing from liquid polymer to Time will tell whether it lives up to the performance Specialized … 快適なサドルが欲しかったので購入しました。 これまでのパワーサドルはカチカチだったのでミラーサドルは柔らかすぎて購入時に少し不安になりました。 結果としてはメリットが大きかったと思います。 まずは柔らかさから乗り心地が良いです。 You only have to glance at the Mirror saddle – which gets its name because it "perfectly reflects your anatomy", according to Specialized – to see that it's very different from the norm. Specialized S-Works Power Mirror, a saddle that could change the trend The Specialized S-Works Power Mirror saddle has been constructed by creating a liquid polymer structure printed in 3D, a very advanced technology that considerably lightens the saddle, compared to conventional materials, and offers much more comfort by adapting to the anatomy of each rider. The S-Works Power Mirror saddle is an impressive addition to the marketplace. S-WORKS POWER WITH MIRROR SADDLE ¥45,000(税抜) 革張りのサドルから、樹脂フォームの登場 さらに液状ポリマーを3Dプリント加工と… 本当に進化が止まらないですね。 On the bike, the Mirror saddle is very special. The last big material innovation in saddle … The Specialized S-Works Power with Mirror saddle is available in two widths, 155mm (194g) and 143mm (190g), for $450. S-WORKS POWER MIRROR SADDLE 入荷!! The S-Works Power with Mirror provides more sit-bone comfort than any other performance saddle Specialized has ever tested. Free shipping for many products! Specializedの新しい3DプリントS-Works Power with Mirrorサドルは、ハニカム状の添加剤プリントマトリックスパディングシステムにより、サドルの形状を無限に微調整できるようにすることで、サドルの快適性に新しい標 Mirror also protects blood flow and reduces pressure on soft tissue, so it’s comfortable on the nose or S-Works Power Saddle 155 (glen park) $150 Specialized S Works Power Saddle with Mirror Tech - 155mm NEW (Beacon Hill) $450 New AC Adapter Works with Cull Power SAW-0502000 5V Power Supply Cord (Renton) $10 - Patented Body Geometry design is lab-tested to ensure blood flow to sensitive arteries. こちらの商品は通信販売できません。 Mirrorテクノロジー採用のS-Works Powerサドルは、合わせ鏡のようにお尻の形状を完璧に再現します。快適さとパフォーマンスの定義をいちから見直し、 Body Geometryデザインがさらに進化したものが、このMirrorテクノロジー。 S-WORKS POWER MIRROR 45,000円 EVAフォームサドルが体に与える圧力をイラスト化したもの これまでスペシャライズドでは、医学博士を中心としてサドル形状や厚みについて研究が続けられてきました。その中から生まれたのが名作 And while that normally means new tech that won’t likely see the light of day for quite some time, take a look at the model year of that heading above. S-Works Power with Mirror Saddle In the context of the Specialized Power with Mirror saddle those ‘shapes’ are in fact a complex lattice of 14,000 struts and 7799 nodes. Specialized S-Works Power Mirror Saddle Specialized are redefining comfort and performance with Mirror technology to take Body Geometry into the future. Specialized's Mirror saddle is rider-specific, 3D printed and designed to improve comfort. But it comes at a price most can't afford. Tags specialized saddle Tech … 2019 Specialized S-Works Power Mirror 3D printed saddle Project Black is how Specialized develops pre-production prototypes and tests them in the real world with their pro athletes. Specialized’s new 3D printed S-Works Power with Mirror saddle, with its honeycomb-like additive-printed matrix padding system, claims to create a new standard in saddle … スペシャライズド・ジャパンが、サドルの新製品「S-WORKS POWER MIRROR SADDLE」を発表しています。 photo_スペシャライズド・ジャパン MIRROR(ミラー)という製品名には、合わせ鏡のようにお尻の形状を完璧に再現するという The S-works Power Saddle with Mirror technology is the perfect reflection of you. 【S-WORKS POWER WITH MIRROR SADDLE】 Mirror テクノロジー採用のS-WORKS POWERサドルは名の通り、鏡のようにお尻の形状を完璧に再現することができます。 液状ポリマーを3Dプリント加工することで生まれたMIRRORテクノロジーは、最先端の技術で作られています。 Specialized believes the S-Works Power Mirror Saddle IS the most comfortable saddle they’ve ever made and tops everything made by other brands. Specialized S Works Power Saddle with Mirror Tech - 155mm NEW (Beacon Hill) $450 36x24 large frameless mirror beveled wall mirror vanity mirror bathroom mirror (Gilbert) $25 Used 15" Allen Ranch Saddle Shop Barrel Racing Saddle (Amarillo) $1,499 Specialized's Power saddle with Mirror Technology is the most comfortable saddle I've tested. It'll be something you sit on that maps your arse. Specialized's S-Works Power with Mirror saddle is a new 3D-printed design with a honeycomb structure that offers a superb level of comfort, although you do have to pay handsomely for it. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Specialized 271208503 S-Works 143mm Power Mirror Saddle - Black at the best online prices at eBay!

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